Leora Brecher


Clay, 12"W X 12" D X 35.5" H


Clay,  13" W X 12" D X 21"H

Untitled III

Clay 13.5"W X 11"D X 16"H

In Tandem I

Clay  10"W X 3.5"D X 26"H

In Tandem II

Clay  9.5"W x 5.5"D x 8"H

Untitled I

Clay  11"W X 8"D X 9"H

Untitled II

Clay  11.5"W X 10"D X 10"H

For the Love of the Vessel … revisiting the vessel tradition, where my journey began.

Initially, I created functional vessels to be held, used and cherished.  Later, I moved on to sculpture with its limitless possibilities for expression.  Now, I am revisiting and honoring the vessel as pure sculptural form. 

My fascination with the natural world is my constant.  I am drawn to the transforming effects of wind, water and fire as they speak to the passage of time.

Working with white and red clay, my pieces are hand-built, pinched, coiled, carved, burnished and smoke-fired.   

solo exhibition: