Color Collaborations: Kathryn Lee, Diane Lachman and Deann Mills

Color Collaborations:  Three colorists: Kathryn Lee, Diane Lachman and Deann Mills exhibit paper collages, watercolors and oils.

October 5
October 30, 2016
Artist Reception: 
Sunday, October 16, 2016
2 - 4pm
First Friday
October 7, 2016
5 - 8 pm

Kathryn Lee: My recent paper collages echo the bas reliefs that I loved when I lived in Italy with their interplay of light and shadow. About the same time, I discovered Johannes Itten’s theories on color. I found that there was an order to color just like music. These two concepts transformed my approach to art.

Diane Lachman: Color mood, relationships and memory are my subjects. In my recent paintings, geometric forms create tension with the transparent fluidity of the watercolor.

Deann Mills: Color is a different language, a way of seeing and being surprised.  For me, painting is about the relationships and accidents that happen with color, and the joy of always experimenting and discovering something new.